Collaborative approach to separation or divorce, why not consider it?

Collaborative approach to separation or divorce, why not consider it?

When a relationship breaks down to the point of separation/divorce there are lot of  emotions such as anger, sadness and resentment by one person towards the other.  With all of these emotions children can get seriously caught up in the crossfire.

Research has show that it is the behaviour of parents that causes the most harm to children during separation/divorce and not the separation/divorce itself.  Children can sometimes be used as pawns and this can be very damaging.

Apart from the situation being stressful on the parents it can also be very stressful on the children and they will try to please both parents.  If one parent criticise or “bad mouths” or attempts to downgrade the other parent the child internalises this criticism as against themselves.

Co-parenting with the minimum level of conflict and maximum level of cooperation between parents is what a child needs.

This is what is strived for with the Collaborative Family Law process.  At the commencement of the process the parties will sign a Participation Agreement whereby they will agree to engage in “constructive discussions and negotiations to settle issues”  and “focus on the future well being of the clients and any children of the family” and agree that they will “not denigrate or criticise the other parent in front of any child”

At  Colm Murphy & Co., we offer Collaborative Family Law as an option for separating and divorcing couples  to try to reach agreement in a non-confrontational way and we have a lot of experience in this area of family law.  The success depends on the honesty, co-operation and integrity of the participants.  It can reduce the stress for separating couples who can be assisted by trained coaches who can help couples and their children deal with the many emotional conflicts of marital breakdown and hopefully by the end reach the best agreement possible for the whole family and all their future well-being.

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